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Sicilian pecorino primo sale with chilli pepper, 100% artisan raw sheep's milk cheese - Mandra di mezzo, Valle del Belice - 250g.

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Brand: Mandra Dairy of Mezzo PoggiorealeMandra Dairy of Mezzo Poggioreale

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Pecorino primo sale white with the addition of Sicilian chilli.

We are talking about a very common table cheese in Sicily, with different characteristics from area to area.

In particular, this Primo sale with chilli pepper is produced exclusively with the raw milk of our Valle del Belice breed sheep fed on free pasture in the hills adjacent to the dairy and flavored with coarsely crushed Sicilian chilli.

This cheese takes its name precisely from the time that determines the salting and the addition of the chilli pepper, it becomes primo sale al chilli after just a day that it remains in brine and is ready to eat.

It has a decidedly unique, genuine and good taste, you can feel the real persistent and characteristic flavor of sheep, slightly savory on the outside and sweet in the centre, in slight contrast with the spiciness of the chilli pepper and which leaves a delicious aftertaste in the mouth, with a slightly chewy consistency which is not a defect, indeed those who regularly consume primo sale prefer the chewy crunch under the teeth rather than something softer. The crunch/chewy under the teeth is simply due to the fact that the format is very small and by mixing the curd, it acquires nervousness and consequently crunches.

These unique characteristics determine its genuine quality and artisan originality.

Nothing to do with the "sheep's" chilli cheese you find at the supermarket. To the eye it may look like the same cheese but usually the products of large-scale distribution, even certified ones, are not up to a high quality artisanal product like this.

What makes the difference is the taste that every single artisan production process gives it: from sheep grazing freely in the adjacent hills, to the traditional raw processing of freshly milked milk, to the addition of Sicilian chilli pepper, up to the brine using the famous Marsala sea salt, giving this cheese a unique, typical and genuine taste.

What else to say! It is a must try, not only for chili pepper lovers but because it is a cheese that respects the true typical Sicilian taste.

Only by tasting it can you realize its authentic taste and great value.


This Primo sale with chilli pepper from the Mandra di mezzo dairy, according to our evaluation of tasters, also confirmed by hundreds of already satisfied customers, received 5 gold stars and is therefore classified as one of the best sheep's milk cheeses you can ever find in the entire territory of the Valle del Belice.

Guaranteed by our tasting team.

Skeptical? I dare you to find better!!!

Buy it now, taste it and then let me know.

You will not regret.


  • Raw sheep's milk

  • Lamb rennet

  • Marsala sea salt

  • Sicilian chilli

Origin of the milk: Valle del Belice, Sicily, Italy, only from the sheep of their own breeding.

Produced outside the PDO by choice as a small craftsman, and for the burdens that certification entails in terms of organization and costs.

Produced in rounds of about three kilograms.

Sold in portions of approximately 250g.

Vacuum packed.

Buy now with confidence, guarantees our DOC tasting team.
Shipping throughout Europe and secure payments.

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2023-01-23 11:00
Ottimo caseificio lungo la Palermo-Sciacca. Prodotti di qualità. Buonissima la Vastedda, la migliore della Valle del Belice anche se non ha la DOP.
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