The Sicilian Food Shop online store was born from the will of Mariano Macaluso. After a market research conducted on typical Sicilian products for the European market, he notes a lack of truthful and credible digital content found in most of the e-commerce shops of typical Sicilian products visited and analyzed.

Mariano Macaluso, owner of the Bloweb agency, webmaster expert in e-commerce technology, photographer and video maker, thus decides to create an online sales platform and manage it in the best possible way (An e-commerce, being digital by nature, must be managed in an optimal way by those who have skills in this regard), to offer on the web only typical Sicilian products of excellence through a selection of small local artisan producers.

A quality presentation of the products guarantees the user sincere communication, maximizing truthful and credible data for each product enriched by descriptive text, technical data sheets, HD photos and exclusive video tutorials.

With the great passion of the Bloweb team, this great online challenge begins, which sees us involved in a great job of digitization and publishing.

Certain that the quality of presentation of products with high quality digital content can make the difference, we present you with quality the best products of Sicilian food and wine.

Working system:

We work with the drop-shipping system, a system that allows us to reduce warehouse and storage costs to the advantage of the short supply chain, to guarantee the freshness of the products. This system requires each manufacturer to keep the products in their warehouse, when you place an order on the shipment starts from the manufacturer's warehouse and arrives directly at your home without intermediaries, guaranteeing maximum freshness of the products.

Unfortunately, this system does not allow cumulative shipments from various suppliers, but only from the same supplier.

Customer service:

On the website, 24/7 customer support is guaranteed, which answers pre-purchase questions, providing all the required information on the product, provides after-sales support on any problems regarding order, payment and shipping.

For any dispute or suggestion about our work, you can contact us through the contact form.